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Essays From A Buddhist Sensibility
Steve Fortney

GUEST ESSAY © 2001 James S. Cutsinger, Lecture delivered at St John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1 May 1996

NEW! June, 2009Secular Mysticism

Jesus Seminar

In Praise of Freedom and Reason

The Jesus Seminar Millennium Meeting October 20-23, 1999, Santa Rosa, California

Religion, Terror, and September 11th

A Sense of History


What the Terrorists Really Want

Calling Names


The Ferengi



American Chaplain in Norway

Politics and Liberalism

The Pledge

Protesting War

The Seminar and The Third Church

Meditations on Huntington and Jenkins Risky Business
Why Real Peace between Islam and The West May Never Work

The Seminar and the Buddhists
a Letter to Bob Funk

The Uses of Compassion and Foundations of Governance

The Market and Barbarism

Acts of Creation How to write poetry, stories, novels, and sacred texts
Why God talks to some people and not others.

On the Politics of a Bodhisattva

The Christian Right's Redaction of History

Quarterly Interview with Fendrick and Fortney

Hans Christian Heg Remembered at Chickamauga Reenactment

The Clergy

Coming Home To Norway

Stone, Cement and Three Countries

Some Notes on Passing of Shadows Trilogy

The Third Way

On Loyalty in War

Kendall, Kerry and War

Science, Art, and Religion*: Why There Can Be No Reconciliation Between the Kerry and the Bush People.
Ever: A Study in Epistemology and The Taxonomies of the Language of Science, Art, and Religion.

A Précis on Immanent Transcendence

The Mystic, the Politician, the Poet, and the Unity of Science, Art, and the Inward Path Mysticism

Science and Religion - Epistemology and Enlightenment - Proem

First Things First

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