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Steven Fortney's Poetry Page

43 E 18 Ahab The Barn
Christmas 2003 Companion of Owls Composition
The Elephant's Eye Enlightenment in October Food of the Cosmos
Grace and the Void at Bateman Church A Gratitude of Men Hats and Knives
Helen Keller's Telescope How to Meditate Kensho
Knowing Deeply Ludean's Hands Mother's Song
My Death
For Kendall
Nothing and the Sun October Roses
On Comparing the Prajna-Paramita Sutra
And the Nicene Creed at Good Old Larry U
Orgasms of Matter Pondering
Remembering Childhood Dreams Rogers, ND, 1936 Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1960
Service Shelling 2003 Snorkeling in Little Bay
Solitaire The Plecostomus The Trememdum of Whirlwinds
The Yellow Ribbon for Kendall Zen and the Bird of Insight

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