My teacher and I sit down.
I put the deck between us.

I say, Go ahead.

Well, he says, (as one who sees everything),
if you play that deck and use the 7 across
1 at a time method, you will lose the game.
If you use the 7 across 3 at a time, you will lose,
but have 10 cards on aces above the deck.
If you use the 7 across 3 at a time method
with the Cummings shuffle you will still lose
but have 27 cards on aces above the deck.

I say, What if I make mistakes as I play?

I've already figured all hat in.

But then what if you make the mistake in the deal?

I told you I've figured all the errors in!

Now shuffle the cards again.

With that deck . . .

Steven Fortney

Milkweed Chronicle, Vol. 3, No 1/2, Minneapolis, MN, Spring/Summer 1982 Sandscript, East West A Poetry Annual, Vol. I, Cape Cod Writers, December 1992
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