How to Meditate

Do not say, "I think we can make it
between those two rocks;" Say,
"There appears to be a small channel
there." Do not say, "If we're lucky,
the canoe will skim over the top of that
reef;" Say, "There may be a half an inch
left of the center where the water is black."
Don't say, "God, this is fun!" For that
is a judgment and judgment breaks
paddles and bones. When in the bow,
never ask, "What do you want me to do
now?" Just give the stern your power.
Above all, if you do make it over a
tough falls, don't cheer! There are rocks
waiting for you. Tip over once or twice
to take the fear out of the water. Learn
to step out right: upstream; lift your
waterheavy craft up gently over the top
of the current in the shallows. Don't fret
about the food and clothes.
Let them go. They can't help you.

Steven Fortney

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