Helen Keller's Telescope

The star that is the star is not
there now. That was the star
eons ago and can't be seen.
What will be seen will be a
star that will be seen eons from
now. Where is that star? In some
place of darkness. Of darkness.

The When I see the star is not
this time I see. I do not even
see the sun, because light is
slow and the sun has moved.
I'll never know the progress
of the sun. It does not matter
the power of my scope. When
I look through it I am blinded
because I see into another time.
I wish I could see the past, to
the point time began: but I am
blind. And deaf. The noise
of creation dims beyond my
hearing and no matter how
strong my scope I cannot see
how the heavens are now
because all those stars may have
winked out eons ago. The bangs
of creation fall on deaf ears.

O space is infinite, but I am
in prison. I know nothing but
the comic razor of my instant.
What difference does liberation
make in the cage of this body?
What help is unshackled space
when I am bound by infinity,
condemned to time until I die?

The threads to the stars hang
in front of me. I will climb
them. But they break. I will
never know what water is
because the threads all break!

Steven Fortney

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