Hats and Knives

I love hats.
I used to own
a homberg.
It had a button on it.
The button said:
"Speed Recovery,
Re-elect Hoover."

Then I bought
a straw hat.
It too had a button on it.
It said: "Oulu-Rulu."
People had to ask
what that meant.

My friend Skip
once gave me a beer
can hat. He drinks
lots of beer.
It was a bunch of
Olympia Beer cans
knit together
with yellow yarn.
I call it my Oly hat.
I wore it to a
Pig roast once.
Everyone noticed
Skip's hat.

And then one
of my student teachers
gave me a blue bill
hat. It had a neck
shade on the back.
I felt like I was
in the French Foreign
Legion when I wore it.
On the front of the hat
in fine blue block letters
were the words:
"The Main Buddha."
This is almost my favorite hat,
but it is a little too small.

Heaven Bone, The Magazine of New Age Poetry, Chester, New York

Steven Fortney

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