Christmas 2003

I walk under this winter
sky in the delightful cold
with Orion at eight o'clock
in the southeastern verge,
I see the Christmas lights
that shine from inside our
house and that brightens
this quiet neighborhood,
truly, a festival of lights!
We have left a house full of
the noise of children, of the
bright wrappings of celebration
and an open table rich with
turkey and rum pie. I know
that all children are tonight's
sacred child, are Emmanuel,
not one more precious than
another. Not one less. I have
watched my children achieve
their own rich parenthood
and as my son and his wife
and their new child prepare
to drive to their own home,
as they leave I call out:
"Even in this time, this dark
night, we lead idyllic lives!"
My heart for my children
and their children is a rabbit
that leaps out and multiplies,
scatters over earthquakes,
fecund, holy, and ecstatic

Steven Fortney

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